May 18th, 2016

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30 . by: July 15, 2017, 7:25 am

"If your body's desire got you this far, doesn't that make this what you desire?"

anyone feel prompted by page 163 ??
29 . by: DimensionalIce May 21, 2016, 4:42 pm

@Witticaster You're heavily right, it can probably go both ways. NOFNA is heavily about looking at small details and noticing things but that's the problem with "abstract" things, you can't tell what's what sometimes.

You know, cause he hasn't been shown to have a relationship with anyone else as closely as XX? That's the only relationship where those things can be applied to because it's the only one shown. His relationship with his friend and why his friendship means so much is nonexistent right now as nothing has been shown besides his friend wanting his girlfriend & him telling him about control & his credit issues, as well as his relationship with the "Mustelid-only" barkeep. So it should have been obvious. It's the only logical conclusion. It shouldn't be so hard to understand that.

"Seriously, come on, if you feel the need to lecture someone who disagrees with you about being 'logical', you just come off as patronizing and hilariously defensive."

I'm sorry Witti, I'm not the one who got so emotionally invested in the story as to call other people's comments and logic "gross" as you did. So no, I'm only arguing with logic here. Aside from the painting, what assumption am I making? About their relationship for example? I won't automatically put a whole lot of blame on Greenie without more evidence for example unlike you. Also it is logical to state that he likely won't care about strangers. Or is it not? Especially from what we've seen from him so far. He fought them physically but won't physically attack someone like XX? So is this even in question? What argument are you trying to make about me making assumptions when there is evidence here in the story to support it?

Well you just agreed I was right even more. What exactly is the problem here? How am I being emotional or expressing my experience? You already stated your bias from coming at this emotionally since you suffered an experience in your past Witti, not I. Besides the abstract painting or wall that I may be wrong about, there is evidence for my other statements right in the story.
28 . by: Witticaster May 20, 2016, 6:44 pm

I've now written over 1,000 words about fantasy weasels in this comments section alone. My mom would be so proud of me.
27 . by: Witticaster May 20, 2016, 6:29 pm

You're right, it is impossible to tell if that was just a wall, or if it was a painting that just happened to use cave wall colors and cave wall patterning and be shown in color with no prior explanation despite all her recent pictures (including the one on that page) being black-and-white. One would think that there would be a bit more setup and clarity by the author for such an important gesture, but then again this is "make-you-work-for-it" NofNA we're talking about.

How is it in any way obvious that "the other person's" refers to "his known relationships" and not, you know, any other person?

"He probably doesn't care at all about them, so it stands to reason that fighting will occur easier especially since their type of society isn't exactly known in what customs are accepted." man, those sound like a lot of assumptions to me, you might want to be more logical before passing judgement and not basing everything off of your own experiences and feelings ;)

Seriously, come on, if you feel the need to lecture someone who disagrees with you about being 'logical', you just come off as patronizing and hilariously defensive. Yes we disagree, no it doesn't make you look any smarter to pontificate about 'logical thinking' when you're making just as many biased assumptions as I am. (Admit it, that "selling a painting" theory is a HUGE stretch.)

Back on topic, I do agree fully - both people are deeply flawed, have done a lot of wrong things, and have a lot of improving to do. You're right, and not enough people seem to acknowledge, that XX chose to put her personal artistic vision above the realities of needing to make money and the two of them suffered money-wise because of it. Then, when she decided to pursue a more realistic profession, she did it dishonestly and directly lied to her partner. Mr. Eyebrows did... well, manipulative violent drunkard stuff which has already been discussed at length.

I'm also intrigued by the nature of boyfriend's injury... you're right, it seems a lot more serious than just 'gnawed-on nibblets' and it does seem like he has some kind of chronic pain issue, which would affect ANYONE's judgment and make them more aggressive and less patient.

Can definitely agree, more information is needed. Can't wait for this story to keep going.
26 . by: DimensionalIce May 20, 2016, 4:02 pm

@Witticaster Was that really just a wall? Perhaps, but she has done paintings in color before, more than just black & white, like her original composition VFRHXXX on page 6. She is colored black and white and so is her current art but it wasn't always that way. She use to be colored and the world around was white and black & her art had color. On page 6 too both she and her art *AND* the world had color, and right after that on page 7 she had lost it completely. I don't know what this color inversion signifies at all or how it may relate to her "capture" concept, but her artwork is varied and abstract enough that it could be mistaken for a "wall". In fact, on page 39 we see Labyrinth of Oblivion as black & white and in panel 10 & 11 in color. When things are seen from XX's perspective, it seems color returns to them. So it's not impossible.

Sorry Witti but here is my statement word for word in quotes:

"Although despite any noted aggressiveness, it hasn't been shown that he has used physical violence once to get his way or anything of that sort. Only possible emotional manipulation but it's also based on the other person's thoughts & decisions too."

Right after I stated physical violence, I talked about emotional manipulation based on *THE OTHER PERSON'S* thoughts & decisions. It should be obvious I'm only talking about his only known relationship which is XX besides his friend from earlier & maybe that barkeeper. Strangers don't count, they are strangers and have no bearing on his life in that he couldn't get anything from them but comments and information. But he has no actual relationship with them. He probably doesn't care at all about them, so it stands to reason that fighting will occur easier especially since their type of society isn't exactly known in what customs are accepted. Especially in a "Mustelid Only" space. Your failure to realize this while judging everything from a *HUMAN* perspective is why I'm saying you need more information to commit to your judge mental reasoning. You could be completely right, but there isn't evidence to support that so far.

Leaving is running away or escaping. Which may not solve the issue if their relationship can change and that's assuming there is an issue at all at this point. Standing up for yourself involves confrontation. Which is why she needs to talk if she really is being abused, taking responsibility for her actions & thoughts & making them known is the only way.

The problem is that it's still just your assumption. It may resemble what you want it to be but you've already agreed you don't know what's going through her mind & also are relying on your past experience & bias, which would make it nothing but confirmation bias. So you're doing nothing but projecting your past on another's situation without verified evidence or their thoughts about it. You're inclined to your bias and feelings but I should warn you to be more logical before passing judgement and not basing everything off of your own experiences and feelings.

Objectively from what I've seen so far and from Zack's titles the only true thing XX would consider wrong and bad would most likely be Greenie giving away her position to the public or just her client base. Which is why it was titled "The Ultimate Punishment" or at least it seemed to be targeting XX. This is because she had wanted to stay invisible according to her concept perception based on things that cannot be seen, like using the fig scent to disguise her XX. But I really do think Greenie has manipulated her on this part by driving her into a corner so he could share in her project or rather take control over his girl again as he stated how he tries to deal with women, as he stated it's all about control & power. However this relationship may not be as simple as him being a creep as you try to put it because a lot of their past is unknown.

However both characters are somewhat flawed in how they interact with each other. XX states she wants to stay with Greenie to be a "good girlfriend" even though he has a problem which according to the doctor she may have even caused but immediately tries to tempt the doctor for sex and then has sex with Greenie's friend anyway and then immediately after realizes she can profit from her body and also calls this her "capture" on the concept she bases it off of because she showed how she views sex as a Labyrinth of Oblivion in capture. But still goes after other men to satisfy her credit ledger & her sexual desires. Ultimately she is guilty of deception & contradictory statements and actions. She may have even hurt Greenie in the past but this is still unconfirmed but the doctor's comment & her reaction towards it implies that it wasn't Greenie's fault he got hurt.

Also I don't know how open other relationships are among the mustelids but it was obvious Greenie's & her's wasn't when he refused to let his friend have her & then his friend had to pay XX to keep quiet. She knew that too.

As for Greenie, he is especially manipulative in accordance to his own perception of keeping control and this is shown when he shows her clients where she lives and breaks her privacy. At the core of this is the fact he seems not to be able to trust her as faithful completely or let her be out of his control so long as she was with him anyway.
There are possibly several reasons for this and I'm supposing one of his views has to do with how he views and uses credit for power & his connections and ability to borrow. Which from what's been shown was supporting both their lives until recent when XX finally made credit on her ledger with her sex trade. As she had never sold a single painting. He also hard on her to get her to convey to her audience more with something more tangible rather than going completely abstract which people don't value or pay for apparently. Which is rough because while he's trying to stop her from going down the path she wants, she is also damaging their living situation by making it her profession and failing at all to make something people want to buy. There's a reason why artists do commissions or try to sell merchandise or comics & etc. and try to gain an audience when they make it their profession.
He also is a drunk and spends his already dwindling credit on that but apparently his drinking problem also stems from his injury apparently because he told her "she knows why he drinks" although I'm wondering what exactly this injury is, it apparently was serious enough that a doctor couldn't fix it.

She does still value him and is loyal in a way to him, refusing to officially get with anyone else and leave him. Although I don't know if this is genuine or not and whether it maybe based on guilt.

Also Greenie's problem with possible trust issues over his control of her while living with her may stem from the past but may also be verified from her deception in selling her paintings and her sudden income.

Overall more information is needed. Although I'm kind of thinking I may be wrong on Greenie distrusting her at first anyway, because he took her reply that she finally sold an expensive painting honestly at face value at first before going to drink.
25 . by: Witticaster May 20, 2016, 12:28 pm

DimensionalIce, thanks for clarifying the 'selling painting' thing. I didn't assume he was pointing to a painting on panel 6 because I couldn't see a painting or anything indicating one - there's nothing black-and-white in that panel to indicate a painting, just the green-blues of the cave wall, and I can't see any prior setup on the page indicating that there would be a painting offcreen. I assumed he was pointing the customer towards the bedchambers, since that's the direction they are in, then in panel 8 looking a bit peeved because that guy is so enthusiastic about banging his girl.

"I have stated I'm saying why doesn't she say something or stand up for herself if she's being abused as you say assume she is?" Exactly, the mindset behind that seems INCREDIBLY close to "well why didn't she just leave?" which is why I drew the comparison. Leaving is a form of standing up for oneself, after all.

Also - "Although despite any noted aggressiveness, it hasn't been shown that he has used physical violence once to get his way or anything of that sort." Your original comment is not clear about his physical violence specifically being directed at XX or not. I can understand if you meant it as only applying to XX in your head but it certainly doesn't come off that way the way you wrote it. Either way, there are a lot of people, myself included, who consider willingness to commit physical violence over a few sentences a HUGE warning sign no matter who it's directed towards.

You're absolutely right, we can't see into XX's head regarding how she feels about her boyfriend (though her extremely uncomfortable body language throughout this arc gives a lot of hints that she's not 100% on board with everything she acedes to). But I'm not sure what distinction you're trying to make? Agreeing with literally everything is the textbook definition of trying to 'keep the peace.' It also still doesn't change my original sentiment - I'd still rather be angry at the manipulative violent person than the person who agrees too much and acts like a doormat. I'm certainly biased because I've struggled with doormat behavior myself, but that's what makes this story fun... people interpreting it based on their own past experiences.
24 . by: DimensionalIce May 20, 2016, 11:21 am

Also as I pointed out in an earlier statement from the doctor conversation she refers to being a good girlfriend by being loyal & also being that she probably caused Greenie's current condition based on the doctor's comment and her reaction to it.

She also revealed her desires of her capture art and how she thought it applied to sex and how she enjoyed it when she had sex with Greenie's friend.

Realizing she could make money from her "art" or concept of capture in regards to sex made her happy and wanting to call it her trade/capture.

Basically tossing aside the comment she made earlier about being faithful but somehow she still remains loyal to Greenie by staying in regards to her own feelings or actually owing him for his connections & possibly causing his accident.

Greenie also has stated that he wants control and how he feels when it comes to women, so he is manipulative in that regard revealing her identity and privacy but it hasn't been stated why she goes along with it or why exactly he's done it this way in regards to sex. The only things so far confirmed it seems is she will stay with him even though she has sex with others for profit & her concept of capture and he will do manipulating things to retain his control for some reason but still won't physically harm her or force her into things physically, because it cannot be denied besides revealing her location to her clients, he still asks her permission on many subjects about what she wants to do and asks her to think about things. As well as having some problem sexually that may make him uncivilized.
23 . by: DimensionalIce May 20, 2016, 10:56 am

@ Witticaster No for my own comments I have stated I'm saying why doesn't she say something or stand up for herself if she's being abused as you say assume she is? The only time I ever mentioned leaving someone was two times in regards to Natoon's statement about how XX should kick out Greenie now that she's making money when it would be incredibly hypocritical when she was being supported by his own credit & connections that allowed him to borrow before hand for both their lives and also the fact she said she wouldn't leave him to the doctor at the beginning even though he cannot have sex anymore.

Also you know on page 25, he says he "can't afford to lose his friendship". That means that Greenie does mean something to him and the fact he has other connections as well as mentioned by that very same friend who was talking about Greenie's credit and how he had to keep borrowing but from whom is not said.

I also commented that Greenie didn't get violent with XX to get what he wants. Not random bystanders. I specifically stated he's shown no physical violence to get what he wants from XX directly, only possible emotional manipulation. Sending people to her house and violating her privacy isn't violence, it's invasion of space for sure, but nothing about it was violent as no physical harm came to her being or property from it, although the newest page might see a change from that but that's a newer venture that Greenie didn't directly cause unlike the first time. As he was obviously showing her clients where she lived.

You also assume she's just trying to "keep the peace" but disregarded the fact that she's agreed with literally everything Greenie has done so far on this matter and when given the choice of questions and asking her to think about things, she still agrees. Is that enough to state she's keeping the peace or is she agreeing? We need more information on their relationship for that much, because we already know she's loyal to him, just wasn't loyal enough not to do what she referred to as he trade & capture. I'm wondering if it was only because she became a sex worker instead of earning money another way that he got so angry at first?

On Panel 5 of page 47 he's point at the background of one of the paintings. The next panel is one of the clients laughing at his ass for trying to sell them something they think is a joke and then he's just left without the background in the next panel because the painting has become nonexistent in the business view as far as the clients are concerned. At least that's what it looked like. Zack didn't confirm anything yet and there was no text to read. But the fact that only one painting was shown beforehand "Labyrinth to Oblivion" is telling because she also did things like "Inquest to Entry" and that abstract background being prominent in one panel and then faded in the next after the client is seen making a laughing face is telling.

In the very next page he says "I suppose selling them is out, is it."

That or he was just asking her about it anyway and wanting to know what she wants to do with them. And saying that selling was out because she still wanted them to work on.
22 . by: Witticaster May 20, 2016, 9:52 am

Comments seem to be edging towards the super gross and super common "well why didn't she just leave if he was abusive?" argument... yuck.

We've seen boyfriend's 'good friend' pay $5,000 of hush money because "there's no telling what he might do because of his personality". We've seen boyfriend get physically violent and attack random passersby. We've seen boyfriend violate XX's privacy without her consent and send strangers to her home for revenge. I think it's absolutely incorrect to claim he's shown no physical violence and only 'possible emotional manipulation'.

I agree that she's accountable for her own situation and nothing's going to improve unless she speaks up and/or leaves. I also think it's important not to infantilize her and pretend she's helpless. But at the same time, I'd much rather get angry at him for being a violent, manipulative creep than her for trying to keep the peace.

Also several people seem to think that he's "trying to help sell her paintings" on page 47, can someone explain that further? Because I can't see it at all - I just see boyfriend smoothly greeting customers, the customers grimacing at the paintings that happen to be out, and then next page boyfriend suggesting that they get rid of the paintings because they make the house a 'mess'.
21 . by: DimensionalIce May 20, 2016, 9:24 am

Also one last part I forgot to mention is that unless Greenie isn't referring to her persona with his "body" comment and only her sexual desires. Which would make the reasoning incomplete on his part. However it's dubious on this alone because she herself made the comment at the beginning about "being a good girlfriend" by not getting with others & then going forward with her new job for both profit and her own reasoning with her "art" of capture. It was also in her comment about sex when she first did it with Greenie's friend by mistake but she revealed what she reveled in about sex to him and how it applied to her view of capture. With that alone, it seems her body's sexual desires and her "capture" may be one & the same.
20 . by: DimensionalIce May 20, 2016, 9:17 am

hazard, from what the story says, she has been set on him since the beginning thanks to that little conversation from the doctor's area.

Also do note, that according to what the doctor said, even though he stated his comment was uncalled for, he did insinuate that Greenie's "accident" was caused by her too. Which is another reason why she may owe him & may want to help him, like he has helped her.

Pressure is not an excuse to let things happen. Just like peer pressure is not some usable defense in cases where you have had the ability to give consent. She's not impaired in anyway, she's making a conscious choice & is agreeing with what someone else is saying about her.

Also can you explain what her guilt is exactly? I noticed he took control of her by basically showing her possible clients where she lives and her identity but that doesn't say for certain whether or not it makes her guilty as well as whether it is possibly illegal in their society so far either. That question has yet to be answered. She wasn't concerned about not doing it because she called it her trade, her capture. Only that she would use the fig scent as her signature over her original XX signature.

Also how is he confusing her too? His comment on whether her body wanted this or not is not wrong because it was specifically stated she was holding back from having sex with others in order to be "a good girlfriend" when she was apparently "ruinously decadent" in promiscuity before. Greenie actually stated that she deserved to use her body a few pages back. If she called this her trade & her capture than this is her "art" and what both she & her body desires even if she began this for profit. Greenie isn't exactly wrong in that meaning unless he's talking about something else all together but there's no evidence for it in the story beforehand.

Also Greenie didn't say she couldn't deny any clientele, only the rat. He just asked her a question if it mattered whether it was a stoat or rat or whatever. Because her body & desire for her art got her this far, wouldn't this be what she wanted anyway? If anything she has to be more considerate about what her art means to her. He told her to specifically think about it. What does her trade or art mean to her if it brought her this far already? Was it really only ever going to be for just Mustelids or Stoats? She never says so, it's just speculation so far, but she has stated that this is her talent, her trade, and her "capture", which makes it her art. Once again, if she really is not wanting something, then she needs to take Greenie up on his comment and you know: Think about it. And then finally speak up. For now, it seems she is just agreeing and going along with business with Greenie and not disagreeing with him, only hesitating on the basis of the body structure of the rat.
19 . by: hazard May 20, 2016, 8:47 am

also Greenie and Rat's demand that if she's going to make a profit off sex then she can't deny any clientele? That's some fucking GARBAGE.
18 . by: hazard May 20, 2016, 8:46 am

DimensionalIce, the problem is that if she has a problem with it, she is being pressured by him to go with it anyway. Consent that occurs from giving in to such pressure doesn't count as consent. It's not honest, and so is not a true yes.

Yes she should speak up but that's igonring the social dynamics of the situation, unlike Greenie, who knows EXACTLY what's up and is using it to his advantage. He is leveraging her guilt to pressure her do something she doesn't want to, her guilt making it more likely she will do what he says.

How do you speak up for what you want...when someone is deliberately confusing you about what you want?
17 . by: kuu May 19, 2016, 5:42 pm

are they sniffing out the next customer? what kind of animal would have such a notable scent that mustilids would be "hey woah what is this?"

and if XX has sex with a reptile, would she get salmonella?
16 . by: May 19, 2016, 4:12 pm

I like how the markscraft(?) talks, and how it's reminding me of SV's pretentious-seeming, prosey language due to being a writer in his own head all day. There's a big cultural difference, I'm assuming, between mustelids and rodents, even if they may overlap in some places; though this guy might still be a particularly hard example of that, I like how his exit is completely different from the (mustelid) fella before him.

I'm going to be excited if more species get involved, so we can maybe see more and more of that contrast... they're like micro-societies, like you'd expect from people mostly interacting in their own circles/niche.
15 . by: DimensionalIce May 19, 2016, 2:47 pm

Actually it does. They are her words after all. If she doesn't agree she needs to speak up and be accountable for all of her own actions and thoughts. Otherwise she is just as guilty of enabling another to use her with her consent if that is what's happening here.
It is interesting to note that Witticaster's thought on it being for monetary gain as well was a good thought but also the body part cannot just be tossed aside, it's already been stated she was sexually wild and quote "ruinously decadent to be as you were" unquote. Especially since Stoats/Mustelids have been stated to require frequent sexual activity in order to stay friendly & civilized in the story due to their aggression. Which could be a reason why Greenie here comes off as "manipulative" in their relationship because somehow he can no longer relieve himself and come back to a normal state. Quite different from humans indeed. Although despite any noted aggressiveness, it hasn't been shown that he has used physical violence once to get his way or anything of that sort. Only possible emotional manipulation but it's also based on the other person's thoughts & decisions too.

Another interesting point is that before she was able to figure out that she could use her body for profit, she was trying & failing to support herself with her art, not being able to sell any paintings. I thought it was stated that Greenie was keeping them afloat by his credit & borrowing extra from his connections. So he was keeping them going for a while. Perhaps she wants to return the favor?
Or perhaps she really is being manipulated? I cannot say for certain due to her earlier statements over her boyfriend to her doctor & also the fact that Greenie was helping her until recently while she was trying to follow her art profession. And also the fact that Greenie was still trying to sell her art to her clients recently but they just laughed about it all. You know I'm surprised no one made the comment about kicking XX out when she was the one being supported and helped? Even Greenie's friend who first slept with her who had loads of extra credit respected Greenie & his power & influence for some reason, there has to be some reason for that unless he's just a huge moron, but then who else had they been asking for help too?

Although I still have to say that Greenie did heavily get into this position most likely to keep some control over her it seems. What I'm wondering though is about their past relationship which makes XX agree all the time about it no matter what, because obviously she does think she's being a good girlfriend to him by staying with him since the beginning according to her doctor conversation and it being right, since she keeps giving consent. Speculation abound, but I still want to know more about their relationship before I can actually say anything truly at all. Otherwise I'm just blindly assuming what I want. Since I don't know what's going through their minds & why their relationship is now the way it is.
14 . by: Vana May 19, 2016, 1:35 pm

Regardless if she agreed to it or not doesn't automatically prove consent. Green guy is still being manipulative, gaslighting, and making her feel guilty. Saying yes in an abusive relationship after manipulative words does not consent make.
13 . by: DimenionalIce May 19, 2016, 10:02 am

Whoops, I hadn't noticed that Zack already answered your question Sleepy. Forget my comment about your question exists.
12 . by: DimensionalIce May 19, 2016, 10:00 am

@Sleepy, yes that last panel is definitely a newer addition of Greenie. When the last page was first posted, it was just her scrutinizing the Rat's form in comparison to a Stoat.
11 . by: Tenka May 19, 2016, 9:53 am

I wonder if he smells a disease.
10 . by: Witticaster May 19, 2016, 9:41 am

Body's desire? More like wallet's desire.

This scene here would be a great example for people who advocate the 'enthusiastic consent' model. There's an 'alright' but it's a guilt-tripped, unsmiling, put-on-the-spot consent. Sadly sex workers often don't get to practice enthusiastic consent.

I bet ten thousand days of credit that boyfriend will start making fun of her about this behind her back. Or to her face, he seems fine with that too.

I wonder how mr. rat will 'sing her praises'. Is that elaborate feather a quill?
9 . by: May 19, 2016, 9:31 am

Now what's Greenie got the sniffles over? Mr Rat thanking HER for a job well done and not him?
8 . by: natoon May 19, 2016, 9:23 am

I wonder if they have birth control.

Doesn't the rat seem kind of tiny? He's mouse size. Or their martin size.

Yes, think about it, girl. You'll remember that you got into this because that lazy, self-pitying, manipulating, drunken bastard told you to earn some money. Then you will kick his butt out and do whatever you like in the apartment you're paying for.
Unfortunately, she's acting true to what a young girl with a dominating, overprotective mother and no father to show her how a man treats a lady with respect. This guy is the only male relationship she probably has ever had. She's got no reference to compare him to. Even bright, innovative, creative girls like her can be so naive in such circumstances.
7 . by: DimensionalIce May 19, 2016, 9:00 am

Whether Greenie is more encouraging of this or not, she still agreed to this and the rat. It's still her words and actions that provide consent. Also Greenie has a point, she did choose this on her own too. Especially since originally she was asked by the shop keeper who sold her the "Strangler Fig" if she had no other skills to offer society, and she answered there was nothing else but this.
6 . by: kuu May 19, 2016, 5:41 am

a full clientele? how many kinds of animal can she have sex with
5 . by: May 19, 2016, 3:34 am

I just want to see this guy move on, leave her be and hopefully end up a better person that doesn't hurt someone else like he's hurt her. So that she can start over and hopefully get back what her mother and the world took from her in the first place.
4 . by: Vana May 19, 2016, 3:10 am

I don't like this green guy one bit. He's trying to make it seem like it's up to her, but it isn't really. He's manipulating her and it's sad to see.

I remember she seemed almost... Liberated when she was on her own, before green guy found out and started controlling the pocket book. This isn't her business anymore, it's "theirs", or at least he's making it sound that way so he can give her less control and bodily autonomy.

Wonder if he's using her so that with the credit he can fund his habit of drinking incessantly.
3 . by: Zack May 18, 2016, 11:15 pm


The last panel on the previous page was added in just recently. I found an important item in my story outline which changed the first panel of today's page, which in turn necessitated that panel timing on the previous page.
2 . by: May 18, 2016, 10:56 pm

Weird, I was just thinking the same thing Sleepy when I reread the previous page.
1 . by: Sleepy May 18, 2016, 9:45 pm

Was that last panel on the previous page added on recently? Because I never noticed it before. I was impressed by how cool he seemed about giving her a choice on whether or not she was okay with this. But clearly he doesn't care about her comfort or choices. He really didn't give her a chance to say "no," and that's borderline rapey. I wonder if he was like this with her himself before the "accident."