10%+ Finishes

September 23rd, 2008
10%+ Finishes

10%+ has finished. What is in store for Meander? I don’t think even he knows. Could his antagonism towards Rule have been avoided? Is there any way that they could have accepted each other’s ideals?

Work on the book is proceeding smoothly and the first part of work (out of about six or so) should be finished soon. The black and white version has been cancelled due to time restraints, but the ending intended for the black and white version should appear in the book.

I’m undecided as to whether to split up the story into two volumes due to the unexpectedly massive size. Recently, Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy was printed using the same service that I intend to use. At over 450 pages it was not small, yet he managed to fit it all into one book. I’ll have to think about it carefully.

The next NofNA arc starts on Thursday. It will have no color, only lines, to help afford me some time to work on the book. The story should be interesting. I’m very excited about it.

See you then. I hope you enjoyed the story.

Comments on old strips delivered to my inbox

June 15th, 2008
Comments on old strips delivered to my inbox

I’ve just started to notice that readers have been commenting on older strips. There was no provision in the commenting code to keep me aware of these comments.

This has been fixed now. If you comment on an older strip, it will be delivered to me via e-mail, so that I’ll know you have done so. …However, if we were to start a conversation, I don’t currently have a way for readers to know I am replying to their comments. I may include an e-mail field for input by the reader at the time of commenting so that they can receive replies.



March 14th, 2008

This URL is easy to remember, but not as easy to type in? In any case, it’s the same as nofna.com. Now it should be easier if you’re trying to tell someone about this site over the phone. Use whichever you’d like!

Normal Forum Created

February 22nd, 2008
Normal Forum Created

A normal forum has been created. There are two simple boards for now: one for in-depth discussion about the comic, and another for reader discussion between readers (general discussion). Suggestions for other forums are welcome. I’m not sure if I should have RP forums yet? Perhaps when more of the world is revealed? What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

Fight Scene is Over; M W F Returns

February 15th, 2008
Fight Scene is Over; M W F Returns

Hi to everyone,

The 80+-page-long fight scene has concluded. I think this fight scene was abnormally long even for me, but lent considerable weight and body to the motives of the characters.

Rule fought long and hard, but despite his convictions, was overcome in the end by the enervation of old age.

Polarizing was undone by his own shame.

We also learned quite a bit about Meander and Quintet during this fight. Quintet has a compulsive need for companionship, so much so that she even made friends with herself. Meander’s drive to topple Rule was matched only by his admiration for him.

The two teachers’ plans have been deactivated. But, they are still alive. How will they cope with the collapse of their strength?

The story starts to get interesting only now.

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule returns. The pace is now slower, but also to help me prepare for book production! It’s getting busy here.

Glossary Added

February 7th, 2008
Glossary Added

A glossary has been added to the about section. This list contains some notes on terms and culture used in the strip that readers may be unfamiliar with. I don’t think reading the glossary will spoil anything, but it might be better to avoid it unless you are curious, or unwilling to personally participate in the story content.

Quickforum Created

January 31st, 2008
Quickforum Created

A simple forum has been created. Readers can use this to discuss anything they like, and quickly. A more complex forum may be on the way as well. The link should be in the navigational bar above.

Due to my intensive schedule, I’ve initially set this forum up so that it will be self-moderating. I’ll try to remember to back up the data frequently, so that accidents might be undone. Please report any errors.

Bookmarks and Possibly, a Forum

January 28th, 2008
Bookmarks and Possibly, a Forum


I’ve added some bookmark-ability to the website, which now makes it easier to link to any one specific page (since this is a site with some frames, due to the huge dimensions of the images).

A thrifty nifty javascript called overLIB allows the site to summon a tiny window with social/remote bookmarking links contained therein. By clicking on any of them, you are taken (in a new window) to the posting page for the site of your choice with the URL, story arc, and current page number already filled in for you. Currently there are only two (Stumbleupon and Del.icio.us), but I hope to add more in due time in order to suit everyone’s different tastes and preferences.

Below still this is a link to the exact page currently displayed. Copying that shortcut and pasting it anywhere will allow you to link back to the current page from whereever you see fit. Additionally, the current page can be bookmarked on your local computer using this link.

On the subject of forums, I’ve come to realize that it really is a necessity for fans. I shall try to implement some. Does anyone have any suggestions, regarding forum ideas, as well as specific forum software to install?

10%+ Story bisection

January 11th, 2008
10%+ Story bisection

Update: The voting has ended. The majority of the votes were in favor of avoiding the past and, perhaps, looking towards the future. An optimistic, foward-thinking view. Watch for this to manifest in the story.

It’s possible for there to be two ways the story can progress in the near future. Each choice is represented by an abstract statement which links directly to either Rule or Meander.

Vote for the choice that best represents what you feel. In the end, the result will be the same. But the information divulged to you, the reader, will be different!

One choice leads to Meander’s supreme facture of the Noetic Chiasm’s Meristogenous Transgression metanoia.

The other choice leads to the core of the fight between Meander and Rule.

If you so decide to vote, thank you for contributing your input.

In other news, the Webcomic Cartoonists’ Choice Awards is coming up. It’s only possible to vote if you yourself own and operate a webcomic. I’ve been struggling to decide for whom to vote. I thought there would be a list of nominees, but, this is the nominee round. The voters decide the nominees. If you, happening to be a webcomic artist, would like to give a little something back to me for drawing this strip, consider nominating me for one of the many categories. I can only hope I’ve established a nice enough presentation to warrant my saying that.

A happy new year and a merry christmas to all!

Urchin Exoskeletons

December 27th, 2007
Urchin Exoskeletons

“Pentact Test”, in 10%+ page 97, displayed features of an echinoderm’s skeleton (called a “test” in biology). The spines, individually mobile, may sweep to and fro or stick straight out. They are not an intrinsic part of the skeleton and may break off. Spines are not poisonous–that is instead a quality of the globiferous pedicellariae highlighted in the last post.

The somewhat humerous youtube video from whence this icon comes has been added to the youtube section, showcasing the versatility of these spines–not only as a defense, but as appendages.