Lycosa ends

June 20th, 2011
Lycosa ends

Venom 8 couldn’t create their masterpiece in the end, because they had already spent all of their energy forming an earlier one. It took them back one by one until they simply vanished.

I hope you enjoyed Lycosa. NofNA will now take a week-long break. The next series will debut on June 30th, next Thursday. In the meantime, try reading Lycosa again from the beginning!

…She was either going to be the Spider or the Valiant, but I don’t think enough people would’ve gotten the Valiant-Dart connection…

Postcard sketches now available

June 10th, 2011
Postcard sketches now available

All NofNA orders automatically include a sketch done on the back of a NofNA postcard. I do this, because I would love it if I were to receive something like that accompanying an online order. In this way, I would like to thank each person who places a order with me.

Now, these sketches are available individually for 6 dollars–with free shipping. Check it out in the store!

Here’s a small (very small) sample of the pictures I’ve done. These are only the ones I remembered to take a picture of:

Bookmark Feature

May 24th, 2011
Bookmark Feature

There is now a bookmark button underneath the page number. By pressing this button, you will save your current place, wherever you are in any story. When you come back to the site, you will automatically be taken to the page that you bookmarked.

After this, the bookmark will disappear, and you will need to set another bookmark if you want to save your place again! This feature may become automated in the distant future.

Next, I am going to work on a welcome page that will appear automatically on visiting the website for the first time.

MoCCA Fest 2011

March 29th, 2011
MoCCA Fest 2011

Hello everyone,

I will be exhibiting at MoCCA again this year. If you’d like stop by, the date and time of the event is April 9th to April 10th, 11AM – 6PM. We’ll be at the same location as last year, 68 Lexington Ave (Between 25th St & 26th St) in Manhattan, New York City.

I will be exhibiting on half of table # I 3. Click here for a map to me. Look for the image to your left; it will be the vertical banner standing behind the table.

There will not be much for sale, but I will be on hand to chat and draw.

Hope to see you there!

Site Slightly Rescripted

February 10th, 2011
Site Slightly Rescripted

The NofNA website has been slightly rescripted. In particular, the “terse” URL that links directly to a specific page in a story now appears in your browser’s address bar every time. I’d seen reports of readers who’d had trouble directly linking to pages, so it should be a lot easier to do so now.

This required the code on a handful of pages to be reshuffled, and something might have slipped my attention. So if one part of the site suddenly doesn’t work for you, please report it to me.

The image at the head of this post is a pair of keychain charms sent to me by Kaarina (Zinou) several months ago. I’m reminded of NofNA readers every time I go outside now.

I flipped SV on the right from his normal orientation. The Secretary book shouldn’t be too long now.

NofNA on Facebook

December 27th, 2010
NofNA on Facebook

NofNA has taken the plunge and is now on Facebook. I expect to post the occasional page there, along with updates akin to the news posted on twitter. Hope to see you there!

The Third Printing of 10%+

July 18th, 2010
The Third Printing of 10%+

This may be the last printing of 10%+ for a while. If you’ve held off on buying any books, now’s the time. Due to a printing mishap, I have less than I expected, but the rest are good to go.

I should have enough of the Addendum this time, since it’s the most popular seller. I’ll take this chance to remind everyone that every order gets a postcard with a sketch!

Purchase the books in the NofNA store.

Additionally, page 91 of 10%+ is also available as a print now. That can be found on the Hi-res print page.

Jerboa in Q-Block

May 4th, 2010
Jerboa in Q-Block

XZ rendered in the 3D pixeling program Q-Block. This is a flash program where pixels are deposited in a 3D space using layers. The final product can be viewed from any angle.

Untitled now available

April 21st, 2010
Untitled now available

The latest NofNA book, Untitled, is now available. Please have a look in the NofNA store.

Additionally, there are a few leftover copies of 10%+ books from the MoCCA show that are also for sale, but not many. Volume 1 is still sold out. If you’d like one, pick it up; the next printing may be months away.

MoCCA Fest 2010: The reckoning

April 12th, 2010
MoCCA Fest 2010: The reckoning

A number of factors led MoCCA Fest 2010 to be a different experience for me than SPX. Number 1, I was not frozen solid by the climate system on the second day, and I did not have some kind of broken knee…

Number 2 was the difference in venue. SPX had an ebullience about it that was just fun. MoCCA seemed more business-like–this possibly owing to the dull, well-worn surroundings of the armory where it took place. I do think it was a huge show that was more packed than SPX. The aisles were certainly wider.

Number 3, I was by myself, and could not roam. Luckily, I had three great neighbors:

To my left was the amicable Canadian Mike Kitchen of Ultraist Studios. He and his brother (absent) are a rival team; Blair Kitchen makes The Possum. They both deserve every bit of attention they can wring from you!

To my right were Caitlin Cass and her boyfriend Aaron, two lovely people who did quite well over the weekend! Her subject matter is similar to Kate Beaton’s histories, but it is far more romantically done.

I also got to see my bud Andrew Edge over at Cool Monkey Press again. He was finally able to bring Issue 3 of his Grizzly and Caticus series to light. I recommend you check out his ink work if you haven’t seen his site already. He’s a fantastic artist. It’s too bad he doesn’t have his print work up there–it’s ace.

Number 4, my discovery of the show: Stephanie Yue.

Hell yeah. I was so downtrodden when I saw this site hadn’t been updated for two years! I hope she makes more of these guys. I noticed her from the other side of my aisle and thought they were pictures of dancing first. On closer inspection, I was blown out of my boots, and so happy to be wrong that I instantly bought two posters from her. One of them is a short fight scene that is not on her site. It’s fantastic. Maybe I’ll just draw cute art from now on.

She has a more general site for her art, Jelly City, that definitely deserves a look. The site with the wu shu mice is in case you’d like to bookmark it.

Finally, number 5, were the readers who came down to the show to see me. You guys made my day[s]. Lexa, I’m so sorry I didn’t have the correct change! Thanks to everyone for stopping by to say hi. I’m so dumb; I should have struck up a conversation or something. Everyone I met who was casually browsing the show used the adjective “overwhelming,” and they were right.

Looking forward to next year. I’ve already registered again!