Work Schedule Changes

Dear All,

Recently, donation pledges from those wishing to support NofNA through the website Patreon went past a certain threshold, which promises the creation of NofNA books. The first book to be done in this way is the Secretary Addendum.

This will entail a change in the way NofNA is updated. Due to the work needed to complete this task—two new stories—Syconium will only update once or twice a week. The rest of the week will be reserved for working on the Secretary Addendum.

The reason for this change, is that I am running out of money needed to support my working on NofNA full-time. In approximately 6 months, I will no longer be able to work on NofNA, at least at the current rate. This increased attention towards the Secretary Addendum is in hopes of completing it before that time. Syconium will not be able to be completed before that time.

Back when Secretary’ was being illustrated, I seem to remember working on it and Lycosa at the same time… I also remember falling asleep in front of my computer a lot. I do not think it is possible to do such a thing with Syconium.

Should the Secretary Addendum be completed before this deadline, I believe I will be able to update Syconium at the normal rate again.

Please take note of what will happen in the coming weeks on this website, as the normal schedule now no longer applies.

My Regards,

3 Responses to “Work Schedule Changes”

  1. Furrama says:

    So, what will the Secretary Addendum be exactly? Is it a remake of Secretary, or the same story with a new ending, a different perspective, or an expanded ending? How much will the book cost do you guess and will it be available to buy if one is not a patron?

    Also, could you give a general idea of when Syconium update days might be so that I’m not checking back constantly?

  2. Zack says:

    Hi Furrama,

    The Secretary Addendum will mirror the 10%+ Addendum in structure: two side stories relative to the original story, with a style appendix following. I estimate that the book will cost the same as the 10%+ Addendum, but that is depending on its length.

    If my mother’s old Macintosh’s hard drive can hold out, I will be able to prepare an eBook version as well, which will be a low-cost alternative to the print version. Both will be available for all to purchase, but on its completion, patrons at a certain level or above will receive the eBook version for free.

    As for Syconium, I am not sure when it will update. I am still figuring out what to do on which days of the week.


  3. Furrama says:

    Sounds cool! Well, good luck to ya. Take what time off you can when you can.

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