Solar System

Solar System has completed. I thank you readers who have seen this journey through to the end.

To commemorate this occasion, Discovery’s final mission, I designed an embroidered patch similar to the space shuttle mission patches produced by NASA. This patch is available to buy from the NofNA store; the first appropriate NofNA merchandise that is not a physical book.

The next Nature of Nature’s Art story will begin shortly.

2 Responses to “Solar System”

  1. Nobody says:

    i am SO hyped for the next story, you’ve got no idea. be sure not to overwork yourself, though.
    and congratulations on finally finishing that beast of a story. 4 years! i’ve said it before but you really have the patience of a saint for this kind of thing. i have only been on my first comic for 5 months and it’s already like, jeez.
    the patch was a creative idea, too. i wasn’t expecting it; i’m probably gonna learn how to sew just to put it on something.
    nice job! remember you can change the copyright info at the bottom to 2007-2016 now, too.

  2. TenWren says:

    This patch is the absolute coolest thing. Now I need a leather jacket to put it on and also a motorcycle to go with the jacket. Also the license and training to operate a motorcycle. Hopefully all of that can be combined in a package deal in the shop, thanks. 😉

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