Hi; today’s comic, 10%+ number 34, exhibits the stinging cells known as nematocysts that line the tentacles of jellyfish and a host of other cnidarians.

I’ve also straightened up the Misc section above in the navigation frame. Now there is a place for me to put informative youtube videos and also a fun aside, some .pch animations from some older oekaki works.

In the youtube videos section, you can currently find a video that gives a close-up look of nematocysts being triggered. Today’s icon is taken from that video. It’s very interesting! This is the sting you feel when brushing a jellyfish: a lampooning by hundreds or even thousands of microscopic, poisoned harpoons!

3 Responses to “Nematocysts”

  1. Hellsion says:

    dude I can’t remember how I found this site, funny huh?

    also these fighting styles are very interesting. and amazing.


  2. Hellsion says:

    hey Zack,
    you need a little comment area or something.

    but not a shout box, I dislike those.

    thoughts on pg.38:

    as soon as I figure out what happened to Meander I’ll tell you.

    …so he became all slimy? snail slimy?

    and Quintet was in the jaws of a mad beast…I love Quintet :) don’t kill her.

    oh yeah what did quintet mean by being “cool eyed” in pg. 36?


  3. Zack says:

    To all who are wondering, I had replied to Hellsion via e-mail. Here is a portion of my reply addressing her questions:

    “You are correct, he became slimy, in a sense. The way their ‘powers’ work is a very secret process at this point. I’ll tell you for now that it is half real and half fake (Meander became slimy, but at the same time, he was just the same as ever).

    Quintet’s ‘cool eyes’ refer to mental fatigue. I notice that when I get tired (specifically after drawing for the day), my own eyes become ‘cool’ underneath. I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of blood circulation, or even if it is something unique to my own body. Animals probably don’t experience bags under their eyes because they don’t have our facial structure… I simply needed an expression which related to both mental and physical fatigue at the same time.”

    As for comments, I am planning something for the future. I think it is important for readers to be able to discuss what exactly is going on; And not only with me, but between themselves.

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