Lycosa Begins

Lycosa Begins

The new NofNA arc, Lycosa, officially begins.

Due to the alien nature of spiders and their kin, I have prepared a quick primer for Lycosa designed to demystify their world. By reading the following pages, spiders will seem a little less weird and a little more like everything else living.

Please enjoy the arc.

16 Responses to “Lycosa Begins”

  1. Sabs says:

    Wow, this was really cool, Zack! No really, I enjoyed this “documentary” a lot, and I think it’ll help with understanding spiders and the latest comic arc.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Am I the only one reading this in the tachikoma voice?

  3. flowerpuff says:

    That was really informative and funny! I loved the part where SV and XZ appeared and Gulosa suddenly looks so much smaller… I love how you can even make spiders look expressive! Nice job, looking forward to this arc~

  4. Jen says:

    @Jeremy: I was reading it in Zack’s voice! XD WHOOPS FEMALE DOESN’T WORK

  5. Shanon says:

    This was super awesome, a crash course on Spidies! Its crazy to think how long it took me to learn all that over the past year…and you covered pretty much everything! I love the use of the palps, it’s perfect XD It’s a tragedy so many spiders are smooshed to oblivion when the vast majority are completely harmless, and our fears about them are so unfounded. Maybe one day schools will teach a little bit more about them when kids are little so they don’t grow up without knowing how neat and awesome they are. I have no doubt this story is gonna rock and I am so glad you decided to do it. I have been wanting to do my own spider thing for the past few months, but I definitely couldn’t do it as well as you will. Maybe later down the line…but for now I’m gonna kick back and revel in your work. 😀

  6. Seraph says:

    I learned so much about spiders today. Thanks so much!

  7. Propaganda says:

    This is so cute! Nothing new for me, but, I love arachnids! Great to see the jumping spider too, when Gulosa was talking about her poor eyesight I immediately thought “but, jumpers…!”

  8. barf says:

    educational and awesome. i was squealing at the spider roll call. EXQUISITE.

  9. kaylink says:

    you know i had serious doubts about the ability to pull off a spider character, but I love what you’ve done here. By the end of this comic I was laughing and quite frankly I adore this spider! And very informative, you really know your stuff, I only knew like 10% of what was mentioned in here.

    definitely cant wait to see lycosa get started

  10. Furrama says:

    Spider spider. Spider spider. Does whatever a spider spider does.

    Can it swing- from a web? Yes it can! It’s a spider. Looook ooouuut- look out, it’s spider spider!

  11. RayJ says:

    Wow, very cool! I feel so… educated. And not so scared of reading about spiders LOL.
    Thanks for taking the time to draw all that out. It’s amazing that you can teach your readers so much about spiders while still creating a personality for a character we haven’t even met yet.

    So excited to keep reading Lycosa now.

  12. Tam says:

    I’m so scared of spiders, but after this I’m really starting to like them! ;^;

  13. kuu says:

    how are your spiders going to differ? your NOFNA spiders and their brains and talking and thinking

  14. Oson says:

    man, you really should have had a pre-page saying to hover over the dialogue bubbles. I don’t trace around on the page as I read so I was totally lost!

  15. katt says:

    dude. Lycosa is such a g.

    ….”COINCIDENCE?!” I think not, children!

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