New site features

New site features

New features have been added to the website.

One, is NofNA’s inclusion into Archive Binge‘s automated RSS feed system. By registering for an account there, you will have the ability to create custom RSS feeds for NofNA and a slough of other webcomics. Check it out. It’s especially useful for viewing a bunch of pages at once, delivered to your RSS reader at regular intervals.

Two, is that comments may now be previewed before their submission. Use this to double-check your longer, more analytical comments. Keep in mind that linking is still unavailable due to spam prevention purposes.

Three, is the linking to NofNA’s mirror at Webcomics Nation. Use this site to view the latest update if something goes wrong with the main site.

Four, is 10%+’s refinement. The expletives have been replaced in order to make the story more accessible, and portions of animal culture have been re-emphasized. Of especial note is the deletion of the word “animal” from casual conversation; it is now substituted with “human.” This keeps the language and the culture consistent.

26 Responses to “New site features”

  1. Swift says:

    Wait, so instead of it being “The true expression of the animal” it would be “The true expression of the human”? What?

  2. Shannon says:

    Cool! I’m going to explore the features. The 10% changes are going to be great, as I like showing my little sister the art. Is this just for the website, or was that also changed in the printed version?

    And as for the term “animal” changed to “human”, perhaps looking at the context will clarify the change, Swift. I’m pretty curious myself.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know, I liked the use of the word animal and the general inhumanity of the comic, it made it unique because it was such a different viewpoint. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but even some of the humor seemed to be designed to be looked upon from a perspective outside of humanity.

  4. Seraph says:

    This “human/animal” thing is just something I’ll need to see for myself when the book becomes available. I’m especially interested in the re-emphasis on animal culture (or is that “human” culture now? I’m not sure.)

    I hope adding NofNA to Archive Binge encourages yet more readers to come here!

  5. Ushi says:

    awwww, does this mean the line “FINAL FUCKING FANTASY FAILED!” was removed? :(

  6. natoon says:

    I took a look at the changes you made; the subsitution of “human” for “animal” is a little jarring, as “human” is commonly (pretty much exclusively) used to refer to Homo Sapiens – why is “animal” inadequate? How does it clash with the culture you’ve created?
    I suppose if humans can be animals, then animals can be humans, as well. But it needs some ‘splainin’. It is kind of a large philosophical leap to ask folks to make without some kind of a set up.
    I am very interested to see where this goes!

  7. Swift says:

    Ehh, refering to them as people and persons and such was okay, but saying human kinda throws me off.

  8. Zack says:

    There are clues as to the usage of “human” within the new version; not every instance of “animal” has been substituted.

    The new version will indeed be in the printed book.

  9. Josh says:

    I almost bought something from you, however when I approached the table, I was disgusted to hear you people insulting and making fun of another exhibitor. I am a casual fan of his artwork, though even if I were not, this behavior is completely unprofessional. Constructive criticism can be helpful, to be sure, however most of what I heard were just outright immature insults. Your neighbors seemed to agree as well, they said they had it was like being placed near a group of high school drama queens and that they had been treating the whole show as a joke.

  10. natoon says:

    Josh: A thought sprang to my mind as I read your entry – how mature of you not to mention it at the time, but to wait and put it your complaint on the web. I’m sorry, I’m being sarcastic.
    You’re sounding a little high – schoolish yourself, though. The best thing would have been to engage the offending parties and let them know how their conversation sounded to you. I bet they weren’t aware of how it sounded. You get to feel like you did something about it, too, instead of all angry and offended.

  11. Jen says:

    Ooo, you added to AB =D

    Hmm re:Josh–sounds out of character, I would have been interested to hear the entire conversation [both what was said but not contested and as the fly on the wall]. I agree with natoon–saying something is better than not saying something, although I give you credit for perhaps realizing this after the fact and saying even that much.

  12. Josh says:

    Yes – I am not Mr. Outgoing and Confrontational. And actually, I think that Mr. Zachary Braun was not amongst the jeerers, but rather his cohorts – after seeing a few other pictures of that table on the interwebz – I remember seeing who I think must be Zachary, and he was very quiet, reserved and polite. I had stopped by the table earlier and kept him in mind as someone to buy from. It was kind of overwhelming for me, and I do think that has something to do with maturity on my part, however, I do not believe I did anything wrong or misinterpreted anything.

    Jeerers, is that a word? I can only offer some humble apologies if I was not more direct in some way. The conversation was mostly making fun of an artists name, some remarks about how bad his art is, that his stories are bad too. I think one of them made a fake comic by him as well, but I did not see that clearly. There was also a lot of cursing and laughing. It did not seem to me by any stretch of the imagination in good fun. I do not think if I had confronted them right then and there it would have done anything except gotten myself made fun of. These people did not seem “nice” – there were 3 or 4 of them and I am sure I had some subconscious idea of the odds involved.

    I am happy that I found this comic and website and I may place an order for some of Mr. Braun’s comics soon.

  13. Zack says:

    Hi Josh,

    What you observed was the “style” of my sister and her friends. It harbors no ill will. Think of it as rapid-fire stress release. When their nerves aren’t so severe, they’ll be able to afford to act in a less-outgoing manner.

    With hope, we’ll all make a better impression next year.

  14. natoon says:

    You’re a good brother, Zach. You are extremely forgiving and nice to your sister AND her friends. You should go far in this world, even if you do share a table with them next year.

    And now I will belabor the obvious:

    I think your sister and her friends are into shocking people. It may be stress relief for them, but it is stress inducing for everyone around them. And those others, in this case, were the fans and potential fans of all three of the people exibiting there. Kinda works against the reason you are there – to attract people to your work.
    If she finds a way to get comfortable in her own skin, she’ll be a hellva cartoonist. She has a definable artistic style (and I’m not talking about the shockery, but her REAL style) which is gold, no, platinum, and I hope she keeps working like mad. Once she finds her true inner comfort zone, she may not be so interested in making everybody else uncomfortable. Or maybe she has a theory she needs to explore it; I can tell she has your penchant for detail and assiduous observation, and her intelligence peeks though despite herself. Either way, centering herself can only aid in her endevours.
    I hope she’s not competing with you! You are both equally talented, but each of you has your own story, viewpoint, way of speaking. Competing would be a waste of time and precious energy.

    So, Kelly, in the coming year, let’s work like mad, take some yoga, do a little meditation, exercise, and handle stress more constructively at the convention next year :)


  15. Josh says:

    Zach, you’ve been very gracious. Thank you for hearing me out.

    I am hesitant to believe that their behavior was merely due to stress, but rather a severe lack of professionalism, and they seem like the kind of people who mainly thrive on other people’s misery and misfortune, making fun of others as a primary way to feel better about themselves. Are they, in fact, high school age (they did look quite young and bit blochy and pimply, as I do at times too)? I suppose I might be more understanding, if that is the case. I am not sure whose artwork was whose, but I think I saw your sisters comics and I was rather unimpressed. Not terrible, just nothing to write home about. I do think that was your sister and a quick look through her site shows far better work. Another had original artwork which was very nice if not kitschy, and I believe there was one other but I can barely remember it. It was quite obvious NofNA was a serious attempt at story telling and this was not a school outing for you.

  16. Oson says:

    wait, wait, wait: you didn’t remove Quintet’s reaction when the judge says to the bailiff that he should “summon her watcher”, did you? That single panel where she’s saying “FUUUUUUUCK”? That’s my favorite panel in that whole story, it was so hilarious and had a real natural quality about it. Sir, don’t censor stuff like that, political correctness or whatever doesn’t do anyone any good.

  17. Oson says:

    no, sorry, my mistake, it was “SHiiiiiiiiT”

  18. Becky says:

    No expletives? Great! *takes this opportunity to reread 10%+*

    Some thoughts on your edits:
    pg 4 – Quintet’s new dialogue doesn’t quite live up to her previous sentiments – needs some reiteration, maybe? People do that when they’re mad…
    pg 79 – “far flung wall”? Really? It’s hard to imagine anyone saying that in a burst of anger, even the usually verbose Polarizing.
    pg 111 – Oops, missed an F-bomb in the middle panel. *reads on* Only halfway done with the update, perhaps?

    Hey, you can offer a link on changed pages to the old ones, for people who don’t mind the language. Either way keep it up – I’m buying everything you’ve got the first chance I get!

  19. Raze says:

    Would it be possible to have a mirror somewhere with an uncensored version uploaded? Personally, I think something is lost without the language, sometimes. The editing of “Final Fucking Fantasy Fucked” a while back was a blow in and of itself, and while I understand you want this to be appropriate to as large an audience as possible, I do believe that the strong language adds to the story without being overbearing or needlessly “edgy”.

    The scarcity of the words even in the original cut helps portray just how angry or passionate each character is when they stoop to using expletives, particularly the scene where Polarizing screams at Quintet about hitting his head against the wall, as I don’t believe he’d sworn yet in the comic. Of course, it’s ultimately your choice what to do with the comic, but those are my two cents on the matter. I haven’t commented much in the past, but this has easily become the only webcomic I’ve followed with any kind of regularity. Thank you very much for drawing and writing it.

  20. Becky says:

    @Raze: That’s a good point, but as someone who doesn’t use harsh language I can attest to how off-putting it can be.

    That said, how about a compromise? Change the outright swears to Grawlixes (explaination of them can be found here -> ) so people who are repelled by harsh language can skim over them, and those who aren’t can insert they’re word of choice~ ^-^

    Example: “Final $*@&ing Fantasy Failed”

  21. Seraph says:

    To be honest, I’d rather have no cursing at all rather than grawlixes. It feels like more of a newspaper comic when those are included, and it would really pull me out of a story because it’s blatant censoring, and thus fourth wall breaking. (And also a little hypocritical–you mean to say Polarizing can hallucinate about a dead coyote bleeding on a judge’s face, or that Polarizing can threaten to make Quintet asphyxiate in her own vomit, but one mood-appropriate, absolutely not gratuitous at all f-bomb isn’t allowed?)

    I respect the decision to omit swearing, but I also agree with the “preserve the original and link to them” idea. Polarizing’s screams about getting thrown into the wall and Quintet’s Final Fucking Fantasy comment were both defining moments in the comic for me.

  22. natoon says:

    Question: are you using “human” as an adjective only? That makes sense to me; I was thinking in terms of using it as a noun, which made no sense; but you did use it as a noun sometimes. So, what are you thinking about this? To refer to the character as humans makes as much sense as it does to refer to all as lupine, ursid, etc. But to describe their actions as “human” makes more sense; however it’s confusing, as “human” is also a species name.

    Also, I read through 10%+ again. Didn’t mean to, but I was looking something up and just couldn’t stop reading. I really love that story, hope you order more books so I can buy them (sorry I was broke the last several months).
    Really, really, miss the old words. New words are not the emotional or contextual equivalents of the old. In my opinion, you have done more harm than good. Not terrible harm, mind you, but it is a bit lesser without the more direct, crude language that fit the situations and the character’s personalities so well; and as I said, the “human” usage is kind of confusing.

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your work.

    You know what this site needs? A kitty for people to donate money. Then you could do a reprint easier.

    Growlixes? Nothing against them, I like to use them mostly because I lack imagination with swearing myself (don’t do it much). However, you write profanity quite well and I see no reason for you to stifle your talent :)

  23. Zack says:

    Hey natoon,

    Thanks for the thoughts. “Human” is not a species, but a state determined by social evolution. Words like “man,” “woman,” and “human” have all risen out of long histories of self-recognition and philosophy. The animals are using these terms quite ambitiously. Whether they have the temerity to back those terms up will remain to be seen. We also have yet to see what homo sapiens sapiens means to the animals.

    I’ve heard everyone’s thoughts on the matter of the desalination of the language, and while the new content must stay, I’ll consider reverting the expletives to their original form. I’m not sure when that window of opportunity will appear.

    As for donations, they won’t be necessary yet. New books should arrive sometime in March. Not only that, but you should be able to order them online soon direct through the printer’s website.

    In the meantime, I’ll focus on turning Secretary into its printed form.

    Thanks again for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy the next arc.

  24. natoon says:

    Thank you for your prompt response!
    Are you speaking in terms of the NOFNA definition of human, man, woman, or the actual one? I was referring to the latter. After going through a dozen dictionaries and seeing that my conclusion was right, human used as a noun *does* mean members of the species “homo sapiens”, it occurred to me that you might have something all together different in mind.
    I wasn’t thinking the animals were presumptuous for calling themselves human, just inaccurate. As if Polarizing were calling himself a dog. A lot of added meaning is piled on the term “human” because, as you’ve intimated, we think quite a lot of ourselves, and ascribe all manner of nice things to associate with that word. But all that refers to its adjectival usage. As a noun it means one thing: our species. Us. Homo Sapiens.

    But if you’re thinking maybe the dictionary definition doesn’t apply in NOFNA, that’s different. If that’s the case, what is the common name for the Homo Sapiens Sapiens living there? If Polarizing and one of them meet, and they recognized each other as sentient beings, what name would they ascribe to each other, and would they refer to each other as human?

    I am delighted you are considering putting the salty talk back in. and even more delighted that new books are on the way. Who’s the printer! I can hardly wait! Doubly looking forward to Secretary. I am still digesting that one – man, was that dark! The more I think about it, the better it is.

    The next arc looks to be extremely interesting. Thank you for the beautiful, thought provoking entertainment!

  25. kuu says:

    i’m bit confussed on that. so these are human-animals, not animal humans? so they see them self as human-people, not just people

    how many watch humans and observe them to emulate?

  26. kuu says:

    just make up swears? like they did for that sci fi show

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