Vacation in Canada

Vacation in Canada

I will be taking a vacation to Canada from July 31st to August 7th–that’s this week’s Friday to the next. As a result, NofNA updates may be suspended or delayed.

I’ll be working on an extra story while I’m there, without the aid of a computer. A small comic book drawn in black & white. If all goes well, it should be available for purchase several months later.

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  1. Coalled says:

    Well, have fun in Canada and take lots of pictures! Any tidbits on this extra story we can know about? Like main characters, time period, or if it’s a side story to Sec or 10%+? Speaking of 10%+, how’s the printing coming? I believe the twitter page said something about 7 small books and the large one was too big? Have you considered maybe 2 large books instead? Lots of questions that don’t really require answers…. Love your work! -shuts up now-

  2. Brand says:

    If your coming through Toronto drop me a line and we’ll grab a drink.

  3. Zack says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling near Toronto. Despite this, thanks for the offer, Brand.

    The story I’ll be working on will be a separate arc; just as Secretary and 10%+ have nothing to do with each other, so shall this story.

    The printing of the 10%+ proof should be completed sometime in August. Which means that if I’m lucky, it will be ready by early September.

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