Happy New Year! 10%+ in 2009

Happy New Year! 10%+ in 2009

The 10%+ book has been completed. It’ll be sent to the printer, whereupon they’ll print it and send me a proofing copy. After I make corrections and adjustments, It’ll be on its way to becoming a physical object.

The price is looking to be about $34.50. It’ll be 8″ x 5″ and about 800 pages long. There are plans to break it up into smaller, more digestible (and cheaper) installments. You can consider this all-in-one behemoth the deluxe version.

More details to come as it finally approaches sale.

Happy new year!

17 Responses to “Happy New Year! 10%+ in 2009”

  1. Ushi says:

    i can hardly wait to buy a copy! happy new year!

  2. Sabs says:

    Hmm, I think if you’re planning to break it up into smaller installments, I might wait to buy until then. In any case, I can’t wait!

  3. Gecko says:

    Will this be available to buy in Europe; specifically the UK? Because I’d love a copy.

  4. Kah says:

    Preview pics? 😀
    I also live in Europe (just like Gecko, but not in the UK, I’m from Austria). Will the book be available on online platforms like Amazon? (That’s the only way for me to buy books from the US, honestly!)

  5. Zack says:

    Hi guys,

    ComiXpress should be able to ship internationally. They accept paypal or credit card. Currently, I don’t have the resources to sell through very large distribution centers such as Amazon.

  6. Dieman says:

    I want the behemoth version! I want it bound in leather on my bookshelf! ROAR!

  7. Sombra29 says:

    happy new year!

    will it be aviable in south america?

  8. Shannon (Tyro) says:

    This is one of the many reasons I love having a job. I’ll be able to buy it. 😀 I really can’t wait!

  9. Kah says:

    >They accept paypal or credit card.
    That’s exactly my problem. I still don’t know when it’ll be possible for me to use Paypal. The last time I checked they didn’t accept transfers from Austrian bank accounts. I don’t own a credit card and have no use for one. D: Aww!
    I have to check out if it’s still not possible. (It’s quite a shame because they even have a “portal” for Austrian costumers – how ironic. I even nagged them about this some times but I just can’t find the contact forms on their stupid website.)

    Well, anyway… let’s see about that. I would really love to buy your book, though. D: (Just like I bought Jessica Peffer’s books. Even though they didn’t really help me but anyway – I just love the illustrations.)

  10. Zack says:

    I’ve received word from comiXpress that they do ship internationally. This means that anyone, anywhere, with a credit card should be able to buy it.

    Kah, if you could send an international money order over, I’d be happy to send you the book myself.

  11. Coalled says:

    Any way we could get an autographed copy? I’m a sucker for autographed stuff 😛

  12. Seth says:

    I’d prefer that large behemoth, just like Dieman. xD Then it’d be an attention grabbing piece of my pride.

    An autographed copy… Now that would be a courtesy.

  13. Zack says:

    I was thinking to include “donation books”, or books which include a donation to nofna. (I’m not receiving any royalties with the book as it is.) These would be autographed and perhaps, even personalized. Since you would have to order them from me personally, these would require a paypal transaction.

  14. Katt says:

    What kind of personalization would you be talking about? I’m gonna end up purchasing teh big book anyway, but… If your going to do some type of Donation/Cooler book deal, I’d help out

  15. Zack says:

    In this instance, personalization would be a simple inscription with a note of thanks.

  16. Corvidophile says:

    Is that with or without shipping? Because damn, I was hoping more around $25, and something that big has got to be weighty. I’m horrible at turning numbers into actual dimensions in my head, but this sounds like it’s around the same size but thicker than the last Harry Potter installment, and you could club someone good with that sucker. |D I WILL MANAGE, THOUGH.

  17. Maple says:

    Is the behemoth version still available? Hunting around on comiXpress’s site turns up nothing.

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