10%+ Finishes

10%+ Finishes

10%+ has finished. What is in store for Meander? I don’t think even he knows. Could his antagonism towards Rule have been avoided? Is there any way that they could have accepted each other’s ideals?

Work on the book is proceeding smoothly and the first part of work (out of about six or so) should be finished soon. The black and white version has been cancelled due to time restraints, but the ending intended for the black and white version should appear in the book.

I’m undecided as to whether to split up the story into two volumes due to the unexpectedly massive size. Recently, Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy was printed using the same service that I intend to use. At over 450 pages it was not small, yet he managed to fit it all into one book. I’ll have to think about it carefully.

The next NofNA arc starts on Thursday. It will have no color, only lines, to help afford me some time to work on the book. The story should be interesting. I’m very excited about it.

See you then. I hope you enjoyed the story.

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  1. Coalled says:

    Ok, stupid question you’ve probably answered a dozen times if not more, was this the first arc or did I miss something amazing by not finding you sooner? Another “answered a billion times already” question, do you have a mailing list or preorder list or anything like that for people who want to order the book? Oh, and this is, by far, the BEST COMIC I have EVER read! (and updated so often!!)


    A reply:

    Hi Coalled, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Currently, there is no need to preorder. Preordering is for batch printing, a production choice I am not using at this time. When the book becomes available you should be able to buy it immediately.

  2. Kaiser says:

    Oh I loved it so much! Can’t wait for the next arc. ;3 Ir there is a preoder from the book, can you contact me about it?


    A reply:

    Hi Kaiser, I’m glad you enjoyed it;

    At this point in time, there is no need for me to ask for preorders. It should become available within a few months.

  3. Erin says:

    I suggest keeping it all bound to one book. Not only would producing two different ones be more of a hassle to you, I can say as a customer that I would much rather buy one than two seperate volumes.

    Then again, I don’t really see what the problem with a big book is. :)

    By the way, thanks again for the great story!


    A reply:

    Hey Erin,

    Thanks! The only problem with a big book is that the dimensions of the book, 8″x5″, will make reading towards the inner edge of the page more difficult as the page count goes higher. However, I understand that this is not the case. It’ll be an experiment.

    But if it goes over 600 pages, I’m not sure! That might be over an inch thick. At that point, the pages in the book may last longer if the content were broken up into two volumes.

  4. sombra29 says:

    thank you A LOT on ginving us all a truly piece of art!
    and CONGRATULATIONS on doing such a good job!

    *clap clap clap until next day*

    …on another side I would like to have this points of the first arc solved before the new arc starts, since this have been things I still dont get >_


    A reply:

    Hi Sombra,

    Thank you! Many portions of NofNA are left intentionally vague to give the reader something to think about. In this way, the reader becomes a participant in the story content. Because of this, I cannot explain anything publicly. But if you’d like, you can e-mail me at zack@nofna.com and I will try to answer your questions!

  5. Myst-V says:

    wait..is meander’s story over? D:

  6. earthbound01 says:

    Thank you for making this comic. It has just the ideas I needed to find just now.

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