Fight Scene is Over; M W F Returns

Fight Scene is Over; M W F Returns

Hi to everyone,

The 80+-page-long fight scene has concluded. I think this fight scene was abnormally long even for me, but lent considerable weight and body to the motives of the characters.

Rule fought long and hard, but despite his convictions, was overcome in the end by the enervation of old age.

Polarizing was undone by his own shame.

We also learned quite a bit about Meander and Quintet during this fight. Quintet has a compulsive need for companionship, so much so that she even made friends with herself. Meander’s drive to topple Rule was matched only by his admiration for him.

The two teachers’ plans have been deactivated. But, they are still alive. How will they cope with the collapse of their strength?

The story starts to get interesting only now.

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule returns. The pace is now slower, but also to help me prepare for book production! It’s getting busy here.

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  1. acidic says:

    Just commenting to say that I LOVE this comic. I’ve never seen another like it, in terms of storyline, characters, art, style, EVERYTHING!
    Seriously, more people should know about this…have you ever considered signing up for buzzcomix or something similar that will bring nofna to a wider audience??
    again, nofna is AMAZING. keep up the good work! 😀

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