Bookmarks and Possibly, a Forum

Bookmarks and Possibly, a Forum


I’ve added some bookmark-ability to the website, which now makes it easier to link to any one specific page (since this is a site with some frames, due to the huge dimensions of the images).

A thrifty nifty javascript called overLIB allows the site to summon a tiny window with social/remote bookmarking links contained therein. By clicking on any of them, you are taken (in a new window) to the posting page for the site of your choice with the URL, story arc, and current page number already filled in for you. Currently there are only two (Stumbleupon and, but I hope to add more in due time in order to suit everyone’s different tastes and preferences.

Below still this is a link to the exact page currently displayed. Copying that shortcut and pasting it anywhere will allow you to link back to the current page from whereever you see fit. Additionally, the current page can be bookmarked on your local computer using this link.

On the subject of forums, I’ve come to realize that it really is a necessity for fans. I shall try to implement some. Does anyone have any suggestions, regarding forum ideas, as well as specific forum software to install?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kareha ( is a simple text only BBS.

  2. Zack says:

    This looks good; I’ll consider it carefully. It may be not as well suited to RP-style posting however! Although I could simply implement a different forum altogether for that kind.

    Thank you!

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