10%+ Story bisection

10%+ Story bisection

Update: The voting has ended. The majority of the votes were in favor of avoiding the past and, perhaps, looking towards the future. An optimistic, foward-thinking view. Watch for this to manifest in the story.

It’s possible for there to be two ways the story can progress in the near future. Each choice is represented by an abstract statement which links directly to either Rule or Meander.

Vote for the choice that best represents what you feel. In the end, the result will be the same. But the information divulged to you, the reader, will be different!

One choice leads to Meander’s supreme facture of the Noetic Chiasm’s Meristogenous Transgression metanoia.

The other choice leads to the core of the fight between Meander and Rule.

If you so decide to vote, thank you for contributing your input.

In other news, the Webcomic Cartoonists’ Choice Awards is coming up. It’s only possible to vote if you yourself own and operate a webcomic. I’ve been struggling to decide for whom to vote. I thought there would be a list of nominees, but, this is the nominee round. The voters decide the nominees. If you, happening to be a webcomic artist, would like to give a little something back to me for drawing this strip, consider nominating me for one of the many categories. I can only hope I’ve established a nice enough presentation to warrant my saying that.

A happy new year and a merry christmas to all!

4 Responses to “10%+ Story bisection”

  1. Woah, I’m really looking forward to what happens next XD

  2. Fie says:

    Good luck on getting the nomination. I think you merit it, you’ve enticed me enough to digest the current 109 pages in a sitting.

    Looking forward to your next strip, interested in the polling– so where’s the update schedule?

  3. Zack says:

    Thanks Fie,

    If the site was accessed normally from http://www.nofna.com, it should be in a narrow horizontal frame near the bottom of the browser window. At this time, it would say, “Currently updated: M T Th F”

    I hope you can continue to enjoy my works.

  4. Fie says:

    Ah, eureka- it’s there, I just missed it. Thanks for the tip-off. You’re welcome. ‘Till “Th”, benedictions!

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