Simple Strip Commenting

Simple Strip Commenting

Hey everyone,

I’ve added simple commenting to the strips. All it does is send me an e-mail with your comment and the current strip number/storyline you are looking at. After it sends, you are then taken to a brief thank you page before returning to where you were when you sent the comment.

It isn’t much, since there’s still no peer interaction. But if you suddenly had a question about a strip as you were reading, this is a good, quick way to get that idea out of your head and to send it to me. The link is below each strip to the right.

2 Responses to “Simple Strip Commenting”

  1. bluecrow says:

    Do you know that this means a lot of messanges of the type “wow” and ” i can’t believe it!” and so on?
    Don’t wotty: i’ll keep myself from throw in useless words^^

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