NofNA is a manga?

NofNA is a manga?

Hello to all,

Would you consider Nature of Nature’s Art a manga? I receive the majority of my traffic from, where I have the comic listed under the format of “Experimental” and “Full-Color”. Additionally, I have it categorized under “Science Fiction” and “Epic” (as in, “The Odyssey”, not the interjection).

The visitors who enter via clicks on these categories usually don’t stay for very long! I’m wondering if I’ve missed my audience through incorrect categorization. What would you suggest?

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  1. WAR says:

    Gee, I don’t know if I even consider it a comic much less a manga because its so…different? To me its like a whole new approach and is more like a storybook, probably because its in color and also I DONT KNOW AGH what is a manga anyway? What’s a comic? WHATEVER but I do think the categories you have it in is pretty spot on.

  2. bluecrow says:

    Uhmm… i’ve always thought categories can’t be more than just guidelines…and sometimes not even that. As for the manga question, in other occasions i’ve always pointed out that there are so many styles and things categorized under the word “manga” that if you really need some definition for the word itself you have to stick with something like “a comic done in Japan”. Many of those comics have, usually, some common graphical detail (the use of graytones for example) but there are also many japanese comics that don’t have any of those features so…..
    If i really have to give an opinion i wouldn’t say your’s a manga ’cause your work don’t match with the above mentioned “common graphical details”….or, at least, don’t match with many of them (again: those details are “common” but not nearly “absolute”).
    For the other categorization….. “Experimental”, “Full-Color” are ok for me, “Science Fiction” it’s a little less obvious ’cause, usually, when someone look for “Science Fiction” usually expect to find some tech in it (usually) (i’ve also to say that your comic don’t even start saying “we are in future” or things like that…). For “Epic” i don’t have any problem with it, but for what i can understand ususally “epics” involve some “global” event (let’s say “war” for being original) .
    For me what makes your comic difficult to read are all the specific terms you ususally use… but english it’s not my country language so maybe it’s just a personal issue.

  3. Kalen says:

    It’s quite obvious that you have manga influences in the work…the over-the-top kung fu, and somewhat the emotional portrayals of characters. Also, didn’t you single out Ginga Nagareboshi Gin as an influence? I’m certainly at least a little reminded of it in reading. If this story was a drawn manga buyable at the bookstore or comics shop? I’d certainly be buying it.

    Even if it’s not quite an accurate description, it might be useful to categorize it as such, for advertising purposes. While I find your computer-drawn artstyle just a little hard to follow at times (though I frequently have that problem with stills of fight scenes), I really love the plot, characters, and concept of this story.

    Likewise, you may consider an ‘anthropomorphic,’ or something similiar, etc, tag in categorizing it. It’s not ‘furry’ in the most common sense that people think of–but talking, ‘humanized’ animals is a pretty big part of that too. While on the one hand there’s a fair bit of negative stigma that may be associated with the labels, that’s a fairly large, semi-guaranteed audience with an interest in talking animal epic kung fu.

  4. Fyrecat says:

    10% seems like more along the lines of a graphic novel to me, a manga is a japanese comic usually in japanese reading format. This is american style so I’d say under the catagory a superman or batman comic might be in. Comics are hard to classify… Though I don’t think there is a section for “graphic novels”. XD

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