3-Day update next week

3-Day update next week


Next week shall be a three-day update because I am working on a very large picture.

In addition, I would like to take this moment to tell you about the comic descriptions. I noticed how easy it was to access them and get a quick description about the day’s comic. Just click the RSS feed button in the lowest frame on your screen. An .xml feed-style page will pop up. Usually these are too cluttered with xml tags to read, but there is so little information in the feed I make for the comic, that it should be legible. A quick description of the day’s comic (and past comics) from my point of view is then able to be read.

I understand that there is an html-style RSS feed for feed information that is meant to be displayed in browsers. While I appreciate the Google-like charm of plain text, and even code, I can also understand the desire for a crisp presentation. So I will look into that.

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  1. Bluecrow says:

    Never noticed the little description in the codes… uhm… there must be some kind of program that jumps up the new pages via rss feed…….

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