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The Three Internet Structures of Solar System

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Notes on the three internet structures that appear in Solar System.

This is the first Internet, as we have today. It contains only content, and it does not moderate itself. It is a persistent record of the raw dump of human consciousness, aggregated into a single place that anyone can access.

This was invented after privacy became less important to society. The Intranet sought to add context to content, tagging every piece of information on the Internet with its corresponding human element. Good humored interactions now displayed their sources; angry interactions revealed just where the anger was coming from. The Intranet became a dynamic footnote for every person’s life, for others to read at will. Some people still opt out of the Intranet, like Hector. However, this is viewed as socially deviant behavior.

DripNet, Karma, etc.
This, the third internet invention, is what allowed humanity to prosper to its current point. I call it DripNet, but that is not likely to be its actual name. This internet is a karmic modulator for the entire scope of human interaction as it occurs over the network. Where the internet was humanity’s Id, and the Intranet its Ego, this is humanity’s Superego. I’m not sure of the date, but this Internet had only recently become active.

DripNet assesses the ability of person’s network interaction to harm another person, and adjusts it accordingly, without knowledge of either the person who initiated the interaction or its respondent. This creates a multitude of internetworks, perhaps one for each person. In this manner, the flow of hatred and fear from person to person (as exemplified in Secretary) is stopped and whisked away to the fringes of “humanity’s consciousness,” what the global network had become.

DripNet also has the ability to maintain people’s persons. When people grow out of the vehement passions and bonds which caused them to ardently spill out into the internet with pride, those old people are deleted, since they have been effectively been abandoned by their sources. I’d imagine that there are some hard-core history groups which preserve the data of the network, but DripNet cleans up public interactions which no longer have a source. In this way, people’s own persons are verified by themselves, and the internet becomes a continuum of a life instead of an immutable record.

Lycosa ends

Monday, June 20th, 2011
Lycosa ends

Venom 8 couldn’t create their masterpiece in the end, because they had already spent all of their energy forming an earlier one. It took them back one by one until they simply vanished.

I hope you enjoyed Lycosa. NofNA will now take a week-long break. The next series will debut on June 30th, next Thursday. In the meantime, try reading Lycosa again from the beginning!

…She was either going to be the Spider or the Valiant, but I don’t think enough people would’ve gotten the Valiant-Dart connection…

Jerboa in Q-Block

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Jerboa in Q-Block

XZ rendered in the 3D pixeling program Q-Block. This is a flash program where pixels are deposited in a 3D space using layers. The final product can be viewed from any angle.

Secretary ends

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Secretary ends

Secretary ends today. Thanks for reading.

The original synopsis I wrote down for myself before the story was started:

Secretary: Definition 1b in the Mirriam-Webster unabridged dictionary. “Those itineraries, always distracting me, holding me back. Form, style, function. Holding me back!! NO MORE!” (Throws the chewing wood against the tree) “I unfetter myself! This is the reality. You were holding me back from the truth! The power! I shall go beyond order, and obtain that truth–and with it, my vindication!” Lets tooth grow out. Also, this conversation, regarding how the liquidation effect works on the animals: “Have you ever wondered why that telenoetic effect spreads to the body, but not outside the body? This fur for example.. (plucks out a single hair) is it still a part of the body?” “Metanoesis works on life. Telenoesis works on the absence of life.” “That’s true. But why does it extend to those dead things on the body. If the body is an object, how can that influence spread? Weight buffers. Metanoias. They all spread to the body.” “I don’t know. A local influence?” “Plants can’t receive metanoias. Insects barely receive it. I think it has something to do with will.”

The opportunity to exploit the final conversation there never arose. The story took on a life of its own as the concept of malice was introduced as the secretary’s metanoia. This change, along with the introduction of the foil “Nutsedge,” redirected the entire story from its outset.

As the pages rolled into double digits, two goals became apparent to me:

1. Create an invisible antagonist.

2. Pervasive antagony; no character is beneficial to another character.

These goals were chosen in order to create a scenario that is reminiscent of a typical conflict in our world. An invisible antagonist creates an atmosphere of malaise. Pervasive antagony gives meaning to this malaise while keeping its source amorphous. Who is malicious? Everyone. Who is on the receiving end of such malice? Everyone. This reflection of a malicious environment was intended to give readers pause about their own personal conflicts and the nature of the “malicious” intents behind them. The relationships of every character to each other contained some form of both malicious receipt and malicious intent.

This tapped a very deep well with the question, “what is malice?” The well was so deep, in fact, that I was also surprised; the malice style had to be expanded into two versions from its initial singular concept:

Metralgia, the cycle of passing down malicious action at the behest of the superego. Recipients attack, and in doing so, reinforce their own defeats.

Hemialgia, the freedom from Metralgia that is cancerous to this revised ego.

The crux of the story became SV’s struggle with the weight of his own innovation. In passing down one’s own malicious experiences to other people, one’s own past defeats become justified.

The more I thought about it, the more this structure mimicked language and empathy—two incorrigible bastions of our genome that make our species what it is, both in terms of benevolence and malice. It was the stubborn nature of the very hardware that conceived it that made Hemialgia as effective and deadly a tool as it was.

Fortunately, we are not animal society. We have a few more years under our belt. With care, we can use that history in order to become more aware of our own destructive impulses, no matter how small. In order to do that, we need to absolve the roots of those impulses.

And that requires recognition of the roots.

The next arc will commence in one week’s time.

10%+ Story bisection

Friday, January 11th, 2008
10%+ Story bisection

Update: The voting has ended. The majority of the votes were in favor of avoiding the past and, perhaps, looking towards the future. An optimistic, foward-thinking view. Watch for this to manifest in the story.

It’s possible for there to be two ways the story can progress in the near future. Each choice is represented by an abstract statement which links directly to either Rule or Meander.

Vote for the choice that best represents what you feel. In the end, the result will be the same. But the information divulged to you, the reader, will be different!

One choice leads to Meander’s supreme facture of the Noetic Chiasm’s Meristogenous Transgression metanoia.

The other choice leads to the core of the fight between Meander and Rule.

If you so decide to vote, thank you for contributing your input.

In other news, the Webcomic Cartoonists’ Choice Awards is coming up. It’s only possible to vote if you yourself own and operate a webcomic. I’ve been struggling to decide for whom to vote. I thought there would be a list of nominees, but, this is the nominee round. The voters decide the nominees. If you, happening to be a webcomic artist, would like to give a little something back to me for drawing this strip, consider nominating me for one of the many categories. I can only hope I’ve established a nice enough presentation to warrant my saying that.

A happy new year and a merry christmas to all!