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Solar System stopped for 10%+ books

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
Solar System stopped for 10%+ books

The current NofNA story, Solar System, will not update as I work on compiling the new edition of 10%+. Updates will resume when the books have been completed and sent to the printer.

Recompiling the books will take an unknown amount of time, but there is not much to be changed. The books will be condensed into 3 volumes from the old 6-volume format and will feature new covers. Thanks to modern printing technology, the RGB colors as shown through a computer monitor will be reproduced more accurately in print.

See you soon.

MoCCA Fest 2012 and Future Plans

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Hello all,

I’ve returned from the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival for 2012. Every year I have a lot of fun. Many people stopped by my portion of the festival to have a glance at the books on display and to chat a little bit. Toby, Amina, Michael (who I later remembered bought a book from me at a festival prior), even Suzanne–Flash–from SR (I missed Jen though!).

The experience made me want to create more content for the festival next year. As a result, I don’t think I’ll be updating NofNA as much as before. I plan to update only once or twice a week and use the rest of the time to finish old projects that should have been finished long ago, including the reissuing of the 10%+ books.

My father, who is terminally ill, is also requiring more and more care as he nears the end of his life. I feel that this schedule will further benefit him as well.

Until next update, thank you for reading.

Vacation in Canada

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Vacation in Canada

I will be taking a vacation to Canada from July 31st to August 7th–that’s this week’s Friday to the next. As a result, NofNA updates may be suspended or delayed.

I’ll be working on an extra story while I’m there, without the aid of a computer. A small comic book drawn in black & white. If all goes well, it should be available for purchase several months later.

(Wasn’t able to update yesterday)

Saturday, December 15th, 2007
(Wasn't able to update yesterday)

Dear everyone,

I apologize for the late update; my internet service was not available yesterday. This may happen occassionally as my service provider performs maintenance. So, yesterday’s strip, 10%+ #92, is now accessible.

MWF for the weeks of Nov 5-9 & 12-16

Sunday, November 4th, 2007
MWF for the weeks of Nov 5-9 & 12-16

Due to an attempt to complete another large picture, the story will only update three days this week! (Edit: And again, this week!) (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) Thanks for any patience. I need to catch up!