Rule: Wolf, most likely mix of subspeices
Quintet: Cat or "domestic" cat
Meander: Maned wolf
Polarizing: Tamandua
Syncope and/or Fiat: Kinkajou
Amanita: Mara or Patagonian Cavy
Judge: Hamster, or similar
Myomere: Tuco-tuco
Syncope's teacher: Tarsier
Conduit: Capuchin
Kemp: Viscacha
His deputy: Cacomistle (ring-tailed cat)


Marigold and his brother: Degu
Marigold's teacher: Chinchilla
Nutsedge & significant other: Jerboa (long-eared)
Advanced class teacher: Norway Rat... NYC subway-class
TY: Norway Rat

Solar System

Yuri, Diana, etc.: Homo sapiens sapiens, latent race
Strelka: Dog (Border collie breed)
Able: Chimpanzee
Acheff: Guinea pig (long-eared)
Hector: Rat